Monday, November 26, 2012

***LAST OFFICIAL POST*** Parting (for now) Is Such Sweet Sorrow!

Hello all my faithful followers and fans. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and are going into the Christmas holidays sitting pretty. As you know, I will be making my usual trip to somewhere warm and tropical, far removed from the cares of (regular people's) life. Unfortunately, I have some sad news....I WON'T BE RETURNING!!!!!!!

(cue "Someday We'll Be Together" and turn on my spotlight)

Pehaps you have noticed a noticable (yes, I know I used the word twice! I see that! shhh!!) absence in my posts and in my online presence on any one of my 12 personally managed social media outlets. Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated!!!! Although that rumor about having some "work done" wasn't too far off. The truth is that I have actually been working quite hard but as life often does, it is taking me in a different direction in my illustrious career.

Until further notice (or until I get bored and pick it back up again) is with heavy heart that I announce that I am officially hanging up The Consummate Concierge brand and am no longer publicly appearing as The Consummate Consummate. Think Marky Mark, formerly of Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch) becomes Mark Walberg.

I have had a fun ride and am genuinely grateful for all the support and encouragement to all of the countless friends, fans and family that supported my vision and all of my crazy antics. I may return to my life as TCC one day but until then.....(sing it Diana!) Someday.....we'll be together....aaaaawwwwwwwww honey, honey, honey, hon-honey!! I was gonna sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" but I will actually be on a mountain that you really will need a private jet to get up to, to get to me, yeah.

Anyway, I'm so glad we had this time together and all that jazz. Let's not say goodbye, just 'see ya later!'

And remember.....Life's a Party! Can You Get In?   Mwah!

(The Artist formerly known as The Consummate Concierge)


Thursday, June 21, 2012

You're "Nobody" Till "Somebody" Loves You!!

Quiet down now. Good afternoon students! How I have missed you all dearly!!!

As you saw in my previous blog post "TCC Calls It Quits," after an illustrious career as a hotel lobby Concierge, I recently traded in my golden "Concierge" name plate

for a tenured Professorship teaching all of you the "art of getting in" (in all its many facets) on a full-time basis.

The truth is that I just couldn't bear the thought of all the millions of people who follow this blog and hang on my every word, just STARVING for that next morsel of advice to help them move up the social food chain!

WAKE's literally eat or be eaten out there people!!!

I realized that my extraordinary contribution to humankind, and your regular access to this incredible gift, which other people have likened to Oprah's, Ghandi's, Mother Teresa's and all the chosen ones that had gone before me, was no less than a matter of life or death to you!!!

So I walked away from it all and happily resolved that TCC was going to make sure you now get the necessary sustenance you need on a weekly basis to stay "in" the game!!! Now get out your pens and paper, click on the video below and let’s begin today’s lecture.

As always, I love and welcome questions and comments.

See you next class....

TCC Teaches You How to Master the Hotel Upgrade

As the Master of "In," you can always count on TCC to give you "in"sider scoop on living "in" the know. Check out my latest feature on about mastering the ultimate hotel room upgrade in luxury hotels.

For all my class students, Professor TCC will see you in 1 hour at 2p!!!!! Don't be's lesson is a "not to be missed!"


Wednesday, June 6, 2012



I am sooooooo excited because today, I am making the official announcement that it’s splitsville for The Consummate Concierge! 

This is my swan song and I’m saying farewell to….Freddie Floyd, the (Head, Chief, S.T.A.R.) Concierge at the (insert hot hotel name here)!!! That’s right, I’m a retiree yall!!! Well, sort of. I am so proud to share with all of you, my devoted and supportive followers, that after much contemplation on an illustrious career as the Head Concierge in some of the hottest, lifestyle and luxury boutique hotels, I am stepping out on faith, and a (very long) prayer, and today The Consummate Concierge brand is OFFICIALLY taking flight....Hans S-O-L-O!

I would be less than transparent if I told you it was an easy decision, but honestly, I was starting to feel like the universe wasn't giving me much of a choice with so many current projects going on, as well as new projects in the works. That truth of the matter is, that while I have daydreams at the thought of managing my own brand (which might have looked something like this)...

I really did genuinely and IMMENSELY love working as a Concierge in hotels. However, the knowledge and expertise that I have gained over the years that I now want to share with America's average Joe and Jane, and all you, the people who deserve to know how to live like a celebrity, and the vision for my brand by which I want to do it, just can't be achieved from behind a traditional Concierge desk. So I guess my Concierge desk is now wherever my laptop just happens to be sitting. I am a Concierge to the world and I could no longer ignore the pulling of my heart (and schedule) in the direction of pursuing my dream of building my hospitality empire as ‘the guru of “IN",' on a full-time basis.

Never fear my pretties; all this is good news to you!!! I will now be able to fully immerse all this hotness into working in the industry I love – hospitality – with ***SPOILER ALERT****:
  • this blog (stay tuned for my new vblog series debuting in July or August, which will kick-off with several c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-y chefs)
  • a new podcast show that will feature tips and interviews from industry insiders on how to ‘get in’ and stay in
  • my new blog that follows my journey down the “yellow brick road to reality” entitled, “The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Brand” 
  • the launch of a new project that will revolutionize how diners eat called, “Concierge’s Rule!”, which is still in the top secret, planning phase.

For those of you hospitality-industry professionals that follow me as well, you can partake in my love of a perfect "guest-experience" encounter and the search for it in the lifestyle and luxury boutique hotel segment, by following my new professional blog, “Le’tique” (‘the boutique’ in French).

Translation=more fabuliciousness, more ‘insider-accessiness’ and….more me!!!!

On a personal note, many of you have started with me from the very beginning and today is the empowering result of all your supportive and encouraging words! For that I extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and I sincerely hope my taking the big leap inspires so of you to likewise, fully pursue your dreams and goals! Just as you have believed in me, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!

Since I feel like I have been born again, we might as well start fresh with a proper introduction: Hi (your name here), its nice to meet you. I AM The Consummate Concierge! Life’s a Party! Can You Get In?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today's Lecture: TCC's Hierarchy of Hotness

(bell ringing) Class, please take your seats. We have a lot of ground to cover in a short time for today’s lecture. Welcome to Professor TCC’s class, “The Art and Science Behind Getting In…Or Not!,” formerly known as “The Art of Getting In: 101!,” previously referred to….ah heck, just sit down and take out your note pads!!!!

Before we jump right into “TCC’s Hierarchy of Hotness,” the importance of knowing your place within the “HOH” and how you can (or for some of you), why you can’t get in, I want to make sure we’ve covered all the bases with an introduction to the basics.  For today’s lesson, we’ll start by defining what “in” means in concrete, specific terms...or in a completely abstract, metaphorically intangible sense.

 ‘In’ can be an elusive, relative term that is often a moving target depending on where you fit within ‘TCC’s Hierarchy of Hotness,’ otherwise known as the social food chain. ‘In’ on a Saturday night is very different than ‘in’ on a Wednesday night. Maneuvering ‘in’ for XXXX’s (insert current A-list celebrity’s name here) after-party takes a different level of skill than ‘in’ for a regular night at the same spot! Got me?

Now that we’ve defined the “what” of in and established that just being there is not necessarily here (that totally made sense right?), let’s identify who can get in, or again not, and why. Like it or not, social food chains have existed long before any of us were here. But before I digress into a long discourse on the historical perspective of “the in-crowd in pre-historic days” (chap 1 of the forthcoming book!), what’s most important to know is that they are still alive and well.

Ladies, think “Mean Girls

Bros, trust me, you’re always vying for a place in a perpetual Entourage!

Heck, even nerds know that every superhero didn’t have cool enough powers to be inducted into The Superfriends or The X-men!!!
These are real SUPERFRIENDS

These are real nerds!!!
Like it or not, CLIQUES RULE and whether you’ve been chosen to be in one or have chosen not to participate at all, both mean you are still part of one. Now the good news is that if you are attending today’s class, you want to change that and get into the game or take your game to a whole ‘nother level. 

I don’t want to give you too much to digest in one class, just in case you figured out you are a total social outcast (see pic above) and may need a moment to process that! Tissue? So I am going to finish out today’s class by giving you the categories of “TCC's HOH,” which we will begin to break down more in-depth in the weeks to come. Here they are presented in my own, highly technically constructed inverted Egyptian pyramid. Pay no (ALL) attention to the (subtly hidden) fact that it's a rainbow:

Obviously, the majority of people are at the top (which is really the bottom) and those select few, in the most coveted spot, grow fewer as you move to the bottom (which is really the top)! Not only did you learn some authentic Egyptian, you even learned some Economics today about the law of 'Supply and Demand.'
Check back this afternoon (and EVERY Wednesday) for your weekly Getting In Tip of the Week, aptly named, "In like Flynn" (yeah, you like that huh?) and until next Monday, class is dismissed.

Life's A Party, Can You Get In?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Updated class schedule...due to Texan National Holiday, Cinco de Mayo

Good afternoon my studious ones. Considering that this past weekend was Cinco de Mayo, a National Holiday in the country of Texas, Professor TCC is estatic that you showed up to class...and on a Monday no less!! Your self-serving desire to learn everything you can in order to pretend to be someone you're really not is....downright inspiring! I am shedding an emotional tear since I am freshly returned from "allergy shots" that don't allow my eyes to water...or blink.

Unfortunately, my die-hard patriotism to my country of TX, in keeping the spirit of C.D.M. alive with, well spirits, means that Professor TCC will need another day to recover and is giving you the day off. Yea, a snow day in May!!! Sadly, you will have more "homework" to make-up for it, which may include hitting 2 hotspots, rather than one this weekend in practicing tomorrow's lesson. I know, life just isn't fair! Now, I'm going back to enjoying my sweet open-eyed sleep...I mean, I need to finish amputting tomorrow's lesson together. See you tomorrow promptly at 10:30am!!!

Life's a Party! Can You Get In? (you will be able to soon...)


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TCC Is Returning To His (real) Roots!

Hello my little chick-a-dees and cock-a-doodle dudes. It’s been a rainy couple of days in NY so I guess April showers bring…MORE showers in May! But never fear, May is also bringing some new installments on the 'CYGMI?' blog and….a big new surprise!!!

Whew, talk about busy! I just returned from a whirlwind publicity tour for my recent article in the NYT which, by the way, transformed me into an overnight international superstar!! Hey, don’t judge! Until you’ve been flanked by droves of people on the streets of NY, who instantly recognize you and immediately stop you and say, “hey, aren’t you that guy that had that article in the Times about…what was it about again?,” you will never know what true New York celebrity feels like! New Yorkers apathetically acknowledging “hey, it’s that guy!,” by New York standards,  is not far from the superstar status of being “The Donald.”

Anywho, if you haven’t been following my usual rants on FB or Twitter, they have been unusually strewn with celebrity sightings, touchings, kiss-blowings, so on and so forth.

(ck out my recent twitter post to see which celebrity I was sitting 2 rows over from at the new, star-studded Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire)
 And yes, I have gone darker (hair color, not demeanor) for a brief stint.

Speaking of returning to my roots, one of my super-loyal blog followers recently mentioned to me, in as diplomatic a way as possible (as so not to anger the mythical creature known as “he who has no name when enwrathed by being accused of narcissism…at least to his face”), that perhaps my own personal star was beginning to outshine, or rather overshadow, the tutorialist  nature of what I originally intended ‘CYGMI?’ to be. He said even after loyally reading my blog, he still wasn’t completely sure if he had the necessary skills to get into somewhere “super-hot” (a.k.a. where he didn’t really belong) on his own yet. I WAS AGASP!!!! Me allowing my ever-growing celebrity to hog the spotlight from all of you, my co-stars? How could the bright lights of Broadway or the dark lens of my new, oversized Chanel sunglasses have blinded me so??? Could I really have been so insensitive and self-absorbed??? Ahhh, it was a hard pill to swallow, even with a champagne flute of Veuve!  But after some deeeeep introspection, some honest soul bearing and sitting Indian-style in the middle of the floor while chanting along with Angela Bassett as I  watched “What’s Love Got to do with It?,” I began to see clearly that I may have been starting to lose sight of my life’s work! The delicious nectar of my newfound fame may have deceptively caused me to abandon the reason why I started this blog in the first place: to grow all of you little grasshoppers up to Jedi Knight status, in the art of “getting in.”

TCC hears you
           ...and CARES!!!!     
I, like Ghandi, have dedicated my life to the enormous task of putting the well-being of the lowly and down-trodden before my own, to share my teachings on how to waltz into the hottest new club or restaurant on just a wink and a smile!!! TCC may be many things and I’m sure most would agree that a perceptive listener has to be right up there at the top! So to all of you, my little grasshoppers who have felt neglected, and to the world really, I give you this gift:

I AM CREATING A NEW BLOG…….ABOUT……. ME!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I’m giving the world the gift of more ME! I’m your Oprahclaus because YOU get more me….and YOU get more me…… and Y-O-U get more me!!!!!!!!!! Are we all crying yet? Next week I will be debuting the launch of my new blog, The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Concierge! It will be devoted solely to keeping you thoroughly immersed in the spectacle that is my personal journey down the “yellow brick road to reality.” And since reality stardom is the ultimate goal, (***SPOILER ALERT***) the last episode will obviously be a shot of the big wooden doors closing behind me, as I enter XXXXX’s (my dream network here) executive offices to meet with the big execs to negotiate the deal for my own show. But until then, together we will share in the joys, triumphs and mishaps on the way there. It is going to be C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y unscripted, largely unedited and will feature my own, behind-the-scenes, personal videos of important meetings, events and every juicy detail I’d want to see if I was watching a show for some good, inside scoop. So just to recap for all my pretty, “just look at the pictures” non-readers:


The new blog I'm unveiling next week will feature ALL things TCC (as a celebrity) related, and effectively immediately, 'CYGMI?' is returning back to its original purpose of ensuring the betterment of your social status!!

So I hope you had a nice break because……CLASS IS NOW OFFICIALLY BACK IN SESSION MY DEARS!!!!!

Every Wednesday, starting next week, you must check in here to get your tip of the week (catchy name t.b.a) for the weekend, which you newbies will use for practice as you’re developing your ‘going out/getting in’ skills, and will give you pros a little extra edge over the stiff competition out there in the social jungle. But first, Monday’s lesson is going to teach you how to measure exactly how much social street cred you really have, to be able to determine where you fall within “The Consummate Concierge’s Heirachy of Hotness.” Until class reconvenes on Monday, enjoy your last weekend of blissful ignorance!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York Times Exposes TCC As All Substance, No Fluff!

Today is the big day!! Really big!! No, I mean even bigger than that!!! Yeah, like ‘Oprah announced her candidacy for President’ big!!! After just 3 shorts months in the Big Apple, somehow I have managed to snag one of the biggest opportunities that will surely fast-track me to the top of the Concierge food-chain, literally overnight. Between all of the NY and LA Fashion Week shows and parties and all of the glamorous Concierge events, it appears that someone wanted to pull back the curtain (think 'Wizard of Oz') to find out if the enigma that is the quintessential, or rather consummate Celebrity Concierge, was all just smoke and mirrors and whether there was any depth behind this pretty little face. Well, much to my shame to have to admit it, the answer to that question would be YES, I am really a genius! (Oh, and that “someone” inquiring would be the NY Times.)
I know I have built a reputation around the illusion that TCC is all about getting into the most exclusive events, being fabulous and hot and of course, sharing the “heat”, as it were, with all of my loyal devotees. But actually, when no one is looking, occasionally I have been known to slip on my perscription, Swarovski bedazzled Chanel eyeglasses and contribute some scholarly knowledge on the subject of guest-centric service within the realm of the luxury boutique hotel industry. I just realized that I am like the Beyonce and Jay-Z of hospitality…all rolled into one!! Smart and beautiful…I am almost ashamed to admit it!!!
So here I am, outed by the New York Times as a total brainiac in this
N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L article and my cover of absolute shallowness is now completely blown. Does it help that they used this super hot pic of me from our photo shoot??

ABSOLUTELY!!! You can see more of my personal, exclusive, behind-the-scenes pics from my photo shoot on my FB fan page too.
I guess I have no choice now but to share my impossibly brilliant mind with the world! The article ran in today’s paper in…BRACE YOURSELF….the BUSINESS section no less. Will you ever be able to think less of me again???

Mr. Smarty Pants a.k.a.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Consummate Concierge is Officially Bi...Costal

Buzz, buzz, buzz--busy is the celebrity Concierge that moves to NY and quickly has to update his facebook status to "in high demand" to accomodate all his social calendar requests! No sooner than I had a chance to catch my breath from the whirlwind of NY Fashion Week shows and events (shout out to new BFFs Richie Rich and celebrity lashtress, Alicia Hunter (the original Barbie!), do I find myself headed to LA's Fashion Week for media and press interviews and more celebrity events. But you know that yours truly is never one to just stand on the red carpet, looking pretty and posing fiercely for pics (um, like I was doing here at the "Gossip Meets Couture" Magazine Lauch at the Sky Room NYC last week):   

See more pics here: Gossip Meets Couture Launch Party (kisses to photographer Judy Rouse)

No sir! I am always going to be in the thick of it all, working and making sure that all of my faithful blog followers know every juicy morsel that is going on at the hottest hospitality (and occasional red carpet) events and openings. So, I am pulling double duty this week to do a celebrity appearance at super publicist Jordana Hazan's "Untapped Los Angeles 2012" and to shoot 2 blog segments, "Can You Get Me In: SUR" and (keep your fingers crossed) a special celebrity guest interview for the debut of my newest vblog segment, "Off The Menu," with one of my biggest celebrity crushes EVER, at......well, maybe I should just wait and let that all be a big ole surprise. Ok, since you asked nicely, I will give you a hint: what is Chanel, "sugar and bite" and glamourous all over?

In the words of Rupal's Drag Race Season 3 finalist, the immortal Alexis Mateo:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A S.T.A.R. Is Born! TCC Debuts on Rave Reviews!

You love me, you really love me!!! – Sally Field, Oscars, 1985

I dreamed of bright lights and the big city (cue Ceelo Green's song in the background). If you want to be among the stars, the only place to make a name for yourself is on the tough stage of NY. Everyone told me, “you walk out on that stage everyday and leave your soul there!” So I rolled the dice, took the big gamble and it paid off! NY has been quite the lucky lady for me in the 2 short months I have been here and little did I know that in moving here to take the biggest role of my career, The Sanctuary Hotel's S.T.A.R. Experience Manager, that overnight I would become the Trip Advisor (and Yelp) SuperS.T.A.R. of my one-man show, “The Consummate Concierge: What Can Freddie Do For You?” 

Ok, so "technically," it is not on Broadway per se and technically I am not Beyonce starring in Dreamgirls. Think of it more as my hotel is just mere steps from the bright lights of Broadway, which I really do walk under everyday to get to work. What??? It’s still Broadway and I am still putting on one of the best shows in New York for some of the toughest critics in the world...hotel guests. Trust me, there are no less theatrics involved in the magical show I create each and every shift. To experience it, is to be transcended beyond service to a level of art.

Of all the things that have meant the most to me in my career, the genuine love from my guests has been the most rewarding! Now let me say this, although I love all of my dear guests equally and appreciate the overwhelming love they show me back in their glowing reviews, you never forget your 1st....Trip Advisor mention! I will always cherish my first mention as a NYC Concierge by gohappy103 on December 9th, just 7 short days after my touch down in NY. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are some reviews of my adoring fans (click on the headline to go to the page):

Reviewed February 12, 2012 – Lucyanne1, Bloomfield, CT

From the moment the taxi pulled up to the hotel and the bellman opened the door, my stay began.If you are very lucky, you will encounter Freddy, the maestro of fun...and that he is! This is a modern, sleek hotel; lovely on the eyes with a staff who anticipate your every need. This is now my ONLY hotel when in NYC! General Manager Jeremy Poon has much to be proud of for how
his staff treats the guests here. I did not want to leave.

Stayed February 2012, traveled on business

Reviewed February 1, 2012 – Diane C., West Palm Beach, Florida

Treated us like a member of their family! Room, decor, service, location--all wonderful! We'll definitely be back. Make sure to see Fabulous Freddy to help you find the best in NYC.
Stayed January 2012, traveled as a couple

Reviewed February 6, 2012 – Rose0807

We stayed there 2 nights and the place was really nice, the decoration is very contemporary and cosy. The staff was so friendly and helpful, made you feel at home. A special mention for concierge Freddy who is a darling! We'll come back when the rooftop lounge is finished!

Stayed January 2012

And a special mention to one of my favorite and most memorable guests: the ever-flawless, Miss Monique Soto, who left this incredible kind review on Yelp!

Sanctuary Hotel
Review from Monique S. - Brooklyn, NY

So i stayed at the Sanctuary Hotel this weekend for a surprise Birthday celebration night in the City with my fiancee. I have to say it was more than i could have ever wished. The staff was pleasent and sweet; the room was very romantic and just what the doctor ordered lol. Special shout out to Freddie the star of the sanctuary star team. He was so great in all that he helped me out with; from rose petals in the room to going out and getting a cupcake for my honey bunny. And if that was'nt enough he made wonderful reservations for dinner at an equally wonderful resturant right in the middle of dinner rush. The whole atmosphere of the hotel is posh and modern. I will be returning if not just for having my pretty women moment when coming down to go to an event i had planed was doused with wonderful compliments on how great i looked from Freddie and another staff member. On a whole it was all around great. Thank u so much Freddie and staff of The Sanctuary Hotel.    
Always with love Monique Soto

I think it is unanimous:
The Consummate Concierge is FLAMBRILLIANT!!!

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of my wonderful and fun guests who know you have been ‘touched by a (service) angel.' I am truly humbled!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Follow TCC Down the Yellow Brick Road...To 'Reality Oz'!

(channeling my best Jonie Mitchell or Janet Jackson) “I’m so hot, I bet you’ll think is post is about me! Won’t you? Won’t you?“ And you would be right!

My, my…what a difference a day (and moving to New York and working at a sex-a-licious hotel and using a fabulous publicist and having a face like a 12 yr old child) makes! I just want all of my loyal stalkers to know that everything I do, I do for you! And I because I write all of my own posts, I am literally writing this post between getting hair and makeup done for a photo shoot and attending shows and exclusive after parties for NY Fashion Week. But more on that later.
So you’re probably going through a wee bit of BFF (Beyond Fabulous Freddie) withdrawal and ripping your deluxe extensions out wondering, “if he’s living such a glamorous life in NY then why so long between posts?” The obvious answer would be “because I am living such a glamorous life!” but then that would make you the King/Queen of stating the obvious now wouldn’t it? Your royal crown Madame or Sir? Honestly, when I touched down and word got out that TCC himself, "the Lone Star Shining Brightly in the Big Apple", was relocating, the buzz started and the publicity sharks began circling the fresh meat that they could sink their teeth into and drag to the top of the food chain. Luckily I was wearing a Gaga original, chain link number with diamond encrusted diving goggles and was ready for the ride!
So here’s the skinny: I have been busily putting my new glam squad of stylists, publicists and magic fairies together, which has been a full-time job and you guys know how I feel about hard labor, being a true Master in the Art of Living (pause for an intellectual moment):
A Master in the Art of Living
draws no sharp distinction
between his work and his play,
his labor and his leisure,
his mind and his body,
his education and his recreation.
He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues his vision
of excellence through whatever
he is doing and leaves
others to determine
whether he is working or playing.
To himself, he always seems
to be doing both.

TRANSLATION: I DON’T WORK! Every celebrity Chef in town has been wooing me to their chandelier deco-ed dining rooms to make sure they are on my hot radar so they can grace the blog in high def deliciousness and meanwhile, I have been packing on the pounds. Not a problem except I have been trying to squeeze into all these ‘fashion insanity’ outfits for my 1st official NY Fashion Week debut and I have a photo shoot today for an unnamed, newspaper that is so large that I can’t even name them……but I CAN type it, The New York Times! Yep, that was some exclusive inside scoop that my loyal stalkers heard first right here. Well, beauty calls and this hair is not going to diffuse itself so here’s a quick rundown of some of the exciting developments you have to look forward to…at least the ones I can talk about now! (wink)
1.      A new, glossy website with me, me, more me and for all you ‘fabulous fiends’…a surprise: ME!
2.      The debut of my new Youtube series, “The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Concierge” - a behind the scenes look at my journey to reality superstardom.
3.      A new blog named, “Le’ Tique" (the boutique), which focuses on luxury service in the luxury boutique hotel industry. I can only write it when I put on my Chanel reading glasses and pull out all of my “O” magazines.
4.      For you brainiacs, an exclusive "How To" scale, "The Heirachy of Hotness" to measure your hotness quotient and determine if you really can "get in"!
5.      Fresh new content on the blog, including guest bloggers and a new vblog segment, “Off The Menu!”
6.      New, exclusive 'CYGMI?' hookups to openings. 
7.      And of course, all the daily going-ons in the life of a celebrity Concierge sleeping clawing his way to the top!
For up-to-the-minute updates and tons of pics, follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages (look over there ==>)
Your BFF
tcc-logo--clear back.jpg

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clack,clack,clack...The Consummate Concierge officially becomes one of the Clackers!!

Happy New Year! Thank you to all my well-wishing followers who have totally supported my recent, huge career move. I have been a little lagging in getting back to everyone but don't think I have gone all 'Hollywood' yet...I just moved to New York! Lol. Honestly, to say that my speedy transition from Houston to New York has been a whirlwind, would be an understatement. Having to pack my entire Southern Plantation to fit into a NY loft is no short of a miracle. Making it happen in two weeks? Martha Stewart herself had to come and lend a hand, and by 'Martha Stewart,' I mean my sister who definitely missed her professional organizing/homemaking calling.

As most people (and my extremely pretty but less than genius followers) know by now, the one question I get asked the most as a Concierge is 'Can You Get Me In?' and with my recent move to NY, that hasn't changed. Guest: "Can you get me into that restaurant with no phone number that Oprah goes to?" Mr. Fabulously Me: "Of course I can! Can I have your credit card number for the $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation?" Guest: (gulp)! But lately, the most recurring question I have been getting from friends, fans and guests alike is, "so what made you decide to move to the cold-weathered, fast-paced, concrete jungles of NY?" or "what is the most exciting thing about moving to NY?" That's easy....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Riddle: What do Lady Gaga, Coney Island, the Yankees & TCC have in common?

Give up? Here’s another clue: All of the above are WORLD FAMOUS attractions that you can (now) find in…????

What appeared to be my seemingly abrupt and mysterious disappearance from all of my social media and an uncharacteristically extended lapse in activity on my blog was in fact a strategically, well-orchestrated plan by my PR team (thanks guys!), in preparation for The Consummate Concierge to emerge from his shroud of secrecy with the biggest news that I’m sure everyone has been speculating about and waiting for since Ellen’s iconicTime Magazine cover!!!

(Click 'READ MORE' below for the announcement...)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Toast (...or two...make that four) to Hudson Lounge!

Hello my 'fan fam.' Did ya miss me over the holiday? Awwww, I missed you too! But I'm glad that you understand busy is the celeb Concierge that hithers to and fro in search of hospitality hotness for all of my loyal devotees to soak up. I know you've been waiting with bated breath since Friday so let's get to the good stuff.....

So the event at Hudson Lounge was every bit of chic-ness as promised, and more! Now that it's over, I can show you the elusive golden ticket...without all of the juicy details blacked out. (scroll down to see previous post with invite)

Sumptuous bar bites, killer cocktails and E-X-C-L-U-S-I-V-I-T-Y!! As the invite states, if you weren't a mover and shaker within the Houston hospitality scene, you had to sit this dance out. Of course I was on the list....and so were YOU!! Not just both of my contest winners, Shawn and Kevin, but all of you who will get to see the highlights of the event on my newest vblog segment, "Can YOU Get In?"

Hudson Lounge's Event Coordinator, Anthony Tafuro, was the perfect host and if I'm not mistaken, I think he even tried to get me a little tipsy. He just had to keep remaking my new favorite cocktail that we used in the interview shot, TCC's Purple Reign, until we got the "perfect color" and he"insisted" that I assist in "disposing" of them so he could "justify costs" for the waste. Even my videographer Andy, at Robot Designs (who I am sure is an actual robot himself) convinced me that he too had to sample a couple of drinks "for consistency sake on video." So you guys make sure to tell me how it tastes when you're w-a-t-c-h-i-n-g the video so I can let him know. (blank face emoticon) Hmmmm.... the whole thing sounded a bit, I mean suspicious.

Nevertheless, it worked! And I'll tell you this: Creme de Violet + Grey Goose = 1 extra-smiley Concierge!!! Unfortunately, little did Anthony know I am such a cheap date that I would have given them a stellar recommendation after the very 1st drink. Lol! But lucky for them--my then, alcohol-impared judgement aside--they really do have one of the sexiet luxe-lounges that Houston has ever seen....and it takes alot to impress me.
Hudson Lounge is an understated urban oasis in the heart of Houston. Serene, sophisticated, and subtly swank, you are welcome to relax on their beautiful patios, sidle up to their sleek marble bars, or groove to the beats of their carefully curated sounds while you sip cocktails or enjoy one of their delicious small dishes.

It was a million degrees and I swear they found a way to manufacture their own beach breeze in the middle courtyard, between the fabulous front bar and the secluded rear pavilion. But hey, don't take my word for it. The proof is in the (HD) pudding! As always, I let you be the judge.

You can also check them out on their Hudson Lounge twitter page.

Oh, and if you haven't already, please stop by Facebook (<== click link) or Twitter (<== click link) to show your support for your favorite celeb Concierge and vote for this video in's "My Favorite Place" video contest.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Vote for TCC is a Vote for Good Taste!!!!

How do I do it? Between shoe shopping with Donatella in Milan and planting roses with "O", somehow I managed to shoot another super-hot segment for the blog! I know, amazing. Because I am such a global humanitarian (O said so), as my gift to you, I want to give you something to look forward to after returning back to your laborious daily grind (unless of course you're me), from what I'm sure was a much needed, fun-filled, 3 day va-ca. On Tuesday I will be posting the full video for my new segment, "Can YOU Get In?" so after you get your coffee and get settled in, check back here. However, since it is an unusually long holiday weekend (I'm not a sadist!), here is a little appetizer to give you some ideas on a spot you might want to add to your "to be" list this weekend.

Oh yeah, what about the vote part? Right. My "human-like" videographer Andy suggested we enter this fun little contest from across the pond, with, called "Welcome to My Favorite Place." Since I am an International Service-Star, I thought it would be fun to show the world one of my fav new places and give my fans and followers an opportunity to to show our friends across the pond your hospitality spirit. "We got cocktails, yes we do. We got cocktails, how bout you?"

So go here: or here and vote for the video. On facebook, scroll or tab down until you see the video description, leave a comment underneath and then click the green VOTE NOW button in the right corner.

(ahem....) My fellow Houstonians, Americans and party members: let's make change. I guarantee that a vote for me, IS a vote for fabulousness.....and who doesn't want to join that party!

This message has been approved by "The Party for Luxury Hospitality Hotness."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ding, Ding, Ding--We Have Winners for Tonight's Hudson Lounge Open House Contest!

Thanks to everyone who registered through all of my social media outlets to submit your entries. Houston was a little slow on the hotness scale, but there were definitely some standout entries!

I am proud to announce Kevin Cousins and Shawn Lindsey as my two 'SUPER FRIENDS,' who will be joining The Consummate Concierge at ultra-lounge Hudson, this evening for a 'FABULOUS ONLY,' open house, exclusively for hospitality-industry trendsetters. My winners will be treated like VIPs, along with myself, media and other Houston tastemakers, as our gracious hosts roll out the red carpet to wine and dine us with free drinks and sumptous nibbles for our own little private soiree. We will then have the awesome task of deciding, 'hot or not,' and sent back into the world to determine if we will make Hudson the new on-the-radar hotspot for Houston's beautiful crowd. Talk about pressure....for them!

My winners will also be featured in my new segment, "Can You Get In?"

I get last minute, super hot invites to events all over the city, all the time so make sure to register on the blog so the next time I send out 'the bat signal,' you will be able to slide down your bat pole, into your best VIP disguise and roll with me as my trusty sidekick to answer the call of the 'fabulous.' Trust me, it would be a crime to miss it!!!
Life's a party.....Kevin and Shawn are getting in!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEW CYGMI? CONTEST: How To Get "IN" Hudson’s Glamorous (CLOSED) Doors...with the Help of TCC

Who else but TCC is hot enough to give you access to a FABULOUS ONLY soirĂ©e with complimentary cocktails, bistro bites AND chic Palm Springs surroundings….for F-R-E-E ?? You’re welcome. But unfortunately, “…only 3 of you will continue on in the running, towards the hopes of becoming America’s Next…” oops, I mean The Consummate Concierge’s SUPER FRIENDS. Sorry Tyra!

I will also be shooting the first video segment of my new series, “Can You Get In?” I know, it’s the same name as the blog. ‘I meant to do that!’ (circa de Urkel). But actually, it is COMPLETELY different because not only did I leave out the word ‘me,’ but I underlined and bolded the word ‘you.’ See? Totally different. This vblog series follows the super-hot, ‘FABULOUS ONLY ’ events I get invited to, for which I can only get a select few 'IN'. 

I swear I keep meaning to get around to my tutorial explaining how living the fabulous life works for you, ‘the average Joe or Jane,’ but I am always so busy, well…living it! But that is coming, I promise. For now, let me just give you the quick & dirty on how getting into this “FABULOUS ONLY” as a “SUPER FRIEND” with Mr. ‘IN’ himself is going to work. “What did he say?” Trust me, it will all make sense in a minute.

Now hop on over to the “HOOKUPS & UPGRADES” tab (at the top ^^^ of the page) for a tutorial on ‘CYGMI-speak,’ how the process for “IN” works (rolling with me as part of my official “CYGM-INcrowd”) and the rules for this contest.