Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your New Life Starts Today!

History is made up of epic, life-changing moments that will live in all of our hearts and minds: the election of our first black President, President Obama (God Bless America!), the day The Devil Wears Prada was released (God Bless Meryl Streep!) and now - the birth of one of the most prolific blog commentaries of our generation- “Can You Get Me In?,” about one of the most culturally relevant subjects known to man, HOOKUPS and UPGRADES!!! LOL! Wow, you would have thought I was announcing the cure for cancer. Ok, so maybe it is not that profound, but it is the long awaited moment that many of you, my fans and followers, have been waiting for. Today The Consummate Concierge, celebrity Concierge, is birthed into the blogosphere…Aldos first!

So let’s start with introductions. To those of you who don’t know me, I am The Consummate Concierge, part hotelier and part entertainer. I am a celebrity Concierge and a one-man hospitality brand. People always ask me, “If you’re a celebrity Concierge, who are the celebrities you work with?” I always politely reply, “Check the shine baby, I AM the celebrity!” But for the benefit of you star-struck followers, during my tenure at some of the poshest, luxury boutique hotels in Houston, I have had the privilege of assisting Velvet Revolver, Jill Scott, Joan Rivers and ChrisBrownandRhianna…pre-spat when that was all one word.

Many people assume after meeting me that my sole purpose in this life is to contribute immense fabulousness to mankind…which is obviously true! However, as a self-less humanitarian, it is also my life’s call to make sure that while I am celebrated all over the world as an international celebrity, YOU, the average Joe and Jane Schmoe are able to experience, if but for a moment, a glimmer of the lifestyle that my celebrity friends and clients live. That is my gift to you! I am your Oprah!

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