Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Did you make it? I know the 2 whole days you had to wait for my next post must have seemed like an eternity. How could I be so cruel? Well, now that you're salivating at the mere mention of the words "HOUSTON FASHION WEEK," get ready for your exclusive, all-access pass to Houston Fashion Week by following my blog for: "CAN YOU GET ME IN? HOUSTON FASHION WEEK." Want a little taste of what is to come all next week? Here are some pics of me and my celeb-reality star BFF, and Houston's own Erica Rose (from The Bachelor and VH1's You're Cut Off!) hosting a recent HFIG HFW press event at The Downtown Aquarium.

(Click 'READ MORE" to see more pics of the event and my 'Wizard of Oz' Converse!)

Striking a pose in my Houston t-shirt with my celeb-reality star BFF, Erica Rose of VH1's "You're Cut Off!"

Thanks to my boy Jay Marroquin, super photographer, for capturing my true hotness. Check out the pics he got of my fancy footwork in my "Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Slipper" G-O-L-D!!!! Bananas!!!!!

all that glitters...

Erica showed up in true "Erica fashion" in a body-curves hugging, leapord print dress and her signature laid back, approachable demeanor. She was beyond fierce!!! Being a celebrity Concierge, The Consummate Concierge never takes the background for anyone. But how can you compete with something that hot people?

YOU CAN'T!!!! So I just stood there in awe and played my part as her pretty arm candy for the night! LOL! You can see all of the fashionistas and more pics at

I'm sure by now you're plotting and planning how you can get in right? If I know my super chic little minions, you don’t want to just go -- you want to go **celebrity style**!!!!! Sit in the front row for all the shows, attend all of the exclusive press events and hang out in VIP with Fonzworth Bentley (Diddy’s former personal assistant), Tocarra Jones (from America’s Next Top Model and the historic all black, Italian Vogue issue), Erica Rose (Houston’s own celeb-reality star from The Bachelor and You’re Cut Off) , Dwight Eubanks (best friend to NeNe on Bravo’s Real House Wives of Atlanta) and Kourtney Kardashian (from…aaww heck, you know!) for all of the after-parties.

Oh, you thought that was all just a Hollywood scenario? SPOILER ALERT: yep, they’re all really coming! Lucky for you, you will get your wish granted and….never have to leave your comfy computer chair! Oh sure, I know what you were thinking, “what time is my fitting for my couture Chanel gown that I am wearing on the red carpet?” Well…um, this is a good time for LESSON #1 of living a "Can You Get Me In? lifestyle as an average Joe or Jane and exactly what the “sort of” means in the blog description under the Can You Get Me In? title when I say, “ …LIVE THE CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE.....WELL, SORT OF!” See, if you are Kourtney Kardashian, then VIP the whole week in person? No problem. You, my loyal followers, will fall somewhere in between there and the "Oh, Houston Fashion Week was last week?" crowd. My blog will be covering all of the shows, the red carpet and all of the official pre-events and after parties with colorful commentary, videos of my exclusive interviews with my celeb friends and pics galore. I promise, with your exclusive access right here on the blog, you will feel like you are sitting right next to me at every event when I turn to whisper all the juicy details to you before anyone else hears it!!! Now how much do you love me?

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