Saturday, November 27, 2010

Can You Get Me In? The HFIG Houston Fashion Week Recap: Kick Off Party

Hello my little chick-a-dees. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. If it appears that I have been M.I.A for a couple of weeks since HFW, it's because I have been busily working on...well, you know, glamorous 'Celebrity Concierge' stuff. Honestly, I did so much running around that week as the entertainment correspondent, it took two whole weeks just for the swelling to go down from wearing my 'man-lettos' all week! LOL! Sorry ladies, contrary to popular belief you do not have the market cornered on 'pain for beauty.'

You may be thinking, "Houston Fashion Week Recap?...Why so late?" Well if you're like me, I know how desperately you never wanted that week to ever end. One thing I learned from my HFW experience is that while fashion shows as a finished product are glamorous, the prep work that goes into them is absolutely all-consuming...even if you were just playing the part of a pretty face, like I was. I applaud all the people that pull the strings to make it look like, 'this whole production was a breeze." Try a hurricane! But I hope you enjoyed all of the blow-by-blow, exclusive coverage of Houston's first Fashion Week that my team and I put together for you.

For fun, we decided we would post some of the behind-the-scenes highlights that we hadn't already posted on here or on my youtube channel, I figured I would also give my faithful followers something to look forward to for Spring's show and that this would give us a chance to be able to relive the magic all over again...together. In any case, since I am not on Bravo (YET), it also takes time to coordinate collecting pics from photographers, editing videos with videographers and delegating personal assistants to pick up groceries for you from Whole Foods when you run out. What? I had it on my 'HFW To Do list!' But my team really did an amazing job that week...which we will get to when I do all of my 'thank you's'...later.

I have to admit, I have been to alot of fashion shows and high profile events in Houston but that week it really did feel like I was in L.A. That could have been courtesy of my BFF, the lovely, international Supermodel Toccara Jones. She opened the week's events as the celebrity host for the smartwater sponsored, Houston Harlem Renaissance HFIG HFW Kick Off Party at Posh Lounge. Of course as BFFs she gave me an exclusive red carpet interview before we headed in to party the night away.

It sounds so cliche-ish but if you have never seen her in person, I promise you that she really is even more beautiful than on T.V., in magazines or in our pictures below. (See more papparazi pics of me and Toccare carrying on after the jump.)
Toccara stunned by how beautiful I am in person!

She totally brought the hotness from head to toe in this season's Chanel pumps.

She has a million-watt personality that outshone even the red carpet spotlights. I could barely get through our interview because I was laughing so hard!

Hilarious, beautiful and completely down to earth. No not me, HER! She is the quintessential triple threat in my book and I can't wait to tear up the town with her on my next trip to L.A.

Special thanks to my celebrity photographer for the week, Monique Williams of Ella Niche Photography who shot all of these amazing pics.

Me & my PR team, Professional Socialities

My celebrity photographer Monique Williams. She walks softly but carries a big 'Canon'!! Get it? 

Keep posted for that Monday's festivities at the grand opening of The Modern Beauty Company. I know you will be waiting with bated breath.

Mr. Fabulous

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