Thursday, March 31, 2011

WORLD PREMIER of my new segment: "Follow That Truck!"

The day is finally here and I'm as excited as Tyra Banks in a Chinese Beauty Supply! For those of you that live in the suburbs and are unfamiliar with your friendly neighborHOOD beauty supply, think "The Great Wall of....Wigs." But I digress.

Thank you all for your great feedback and support of my blog thus far. It is because of your belief in me that what was once just a seed in the magnificant world of my imagination is now a fully conceived blip on the radar of the great blogosphere. domination! Well maybe not tomorrow cause it's Friday and I have this event to go to....but you know what I mean. All of you have been loving the HFW exclusive coverage posts, photos and videos...but I feel like you have gotten more of the 'celebrity' side of my 'celebrity Concierge' brand than the 'Concierge' side, so let's recap the original purpose for me exposing all of my fabulousity to the world.

CYGMI? is not just the name of this blog but a way of life, AND your personal pass to the 411 on and access to the newest restaurants, hottest hotels, chic-est clubs, latest openings and invite-only events. That's right, in addition to my wonderfully entertaining blog entries, I will be keeping followers of my blog 'in the know' on DEALS, SPECIALS, HOOKUPS, UPGRADES and opportunities to attend exclusive, INVITE-ONLY 'CYGMI' events to show you first hand how to get in and stay in.

Back to the reason for my happy-happy-joy-joy song. It's now time for the big unveil! Yeah, so everybody's talking about this new (air quotes for emphasis) mobile gourmet cuisine trend and jumpin on the perverbial wagon...or truck in this case. Well, as your resident celebrity Concierge I'm certainly not gonna just sit around taking everyone else's word for it. So I hit the mean (and amazingly manicured) streets of Houston to give you the real scoop in a new and ongoing segment I call 'Follow That Truck!' But you know me...none of that boring, stuffy, predictable travel host stuff here. No ma'am! What you are about to see will shock and amaze you...and hopefully make you hungry if I did my job right. Since the two most popular types of shows out now are either medical shows or crime dramas, I thought I'd take a stab at pulling off my own detective-style docudrama and shoot the video as an ode to all the famous crime dramas. Wow, looking serious all the time is harder than you think. I don't know how those TV cops do it.

A big thanks to Julia Sharaby and the Fusion Taco Truck staff for playing the role of my first criminal--although they may have felt like they were the victim! Don't forget to check out their site and obviously their food! You can follow them all over Houston via their Fusion Taco Truck Facebook Page. I 'LIKE' it.

 Without further ado...HERE IS THE VIDEO!!! Enjoy and as always, I welcome your comments.

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