Monday, May 16, 2011

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

In the words of the inimitable Sally Field, "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" Some of my faithful blog followers said that just when they were getting addicted to everything "Consummate Concierge", they were going thru withdrawls since I haven't posted any juicy insider tips or videos recently! First, crack kills. Second, "aaawwww" you guys!!!! I have to be honest that I was as flattered as I was hurt. I hope all of my stalkers know you mean the world to me and that my incredible life wouldn't be half as fun (I said half!) if I didn't have you all to share it with.

The truth is that Mr. Fabulous, much to my own surprise, is only getting more and more fabulous with the passing of each fabulous day. Invites to this opening, that launch...this is about the only instance I can think of where sometimes, it really does suck to be popular. And on top of all that, (****SPOILER ALERT****) your Consummate-ness himself is having visions of grandeur about making the leap from the small YouTube screen to the slightly larger, small TV screen and has been working on developing the script for my...wait for it......R-E-A-L-I-T-Y show (yes, like everyone else in the world), while, at the behest of my delusionally devoted team, simultaneously writing the manuscript for what could be the hottest book you have EVAH' to the bible of course. Hey, I don't want to get struck down. More on those projects to come but for now, all you get is just enough to make you salivate.

As you can imagine, all this keeps me on the go or sitting in an endless abyss of "official" meetings and I am just not one of those celebs who has other people write their blogs for them, as if it is them. When you read it, know that I typed it with love and with you in mind! But I promise with all my Tiffany's crystal heart that I will check back in more often to keep you up on all the haps and to start our long overdue lesson on, "how to get in, stay in and live the celebrity life... well, sort of." Hey, that sounds familiar. Oh yeah, that's the title of my blog! It's really catchy; good thing I was already using it!

Oh, and I just shot two new, "Let's Do Launch" vblogs that are so freakin hotttt that they are still cooling off in the editing room and should debut in the next week or two so keep checking back.

The star is rising fast!!!   

(the real one!)

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