Monday, June 27, 2011

Forget French Dueling Pistols….Chef Philippe Schmit Pulls Out the Big Guns!!

Of course I would love to tell you that I have always been fabulous…so I will! But only because it is true. But, I was not however always afforded the celebrity access that I enjoy today. Yes I, The Consummate Concierge was once a mere mortal just like you when I started out as a (non-celebrity) Concierge at my first luxury boutique hotel, 'The Sam' (now The Alden Houston, pic below), way back in...well, let's just say eons ago.

And yes, I too would peruse the glossy pages of PaperCity and 002 Magazines with starry eyes, reading about all the glamorous events in Houston and wondering if I would ever be on those exclusive guest lists. Thankfully those brutally agonizing 2 weeks passed and long before The Consummate Concierge was ever born, people started requesting the presence of just plain ole Freddie. Well, long gone are those days from my humble beginnings! My social calendar is now as filled as a champagne glass at a Becca Cason-Thrash party, and boy am I glad because there are certain one-of-a-kind events you just don’t want to hear about on Monday…after it’s over.

You know how certain moments in life quietly whisper to you, "this is the big time baby!"? When I received this invitation, I knew it was one of them:


 Getting a cool interactive flash invite (<== click) to a trendy new hotspot? WOW.


 Finding out that same event is an intimate, INVITE-ONLY opening, exclusively for Houston’s super-elite, to celebrate with one of the most respected chefs in the U.S.?  INCREDIBLE!!

Being asked to come and cover it??

I'm sure I don’t have to tell you that the opening for Chef Philippe’s much anticipated new concept, Philippe Restaurant & Lounge, was a virtual parade of Houston’s who’s-who that was enough to give even Mr. Fabulous himself a serious case of neck-careening soreness. Shelby Hodge, Clifford Pugh, Dr. Carolyn Farb…you name it, they were there. So much so, my team decided it was just too much fabulousness for one post and that we needed 3 separate posts to get all the incredible footage in. So here is the first in a 3-part series on my coverage of Houston’s only authentic French Cowboy. (<== psst, click on 'French Cowboy' to check out his blog.) 

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