Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do a room full of VIRGINS and my new 'luxury travel destination' recommendation have in common?

To all my 'CYGMI?' students who participated in our first field trip the other night, A+. And I know all of you who were unable to attend the PHENOMENAL event I gave you the exclusive hookup on are anxiously awaiting an update so buckle up. No, I mean lit-tra-ly.
Now everyone knows that I travel extensively and am considered a luxury travel destination guru, but even I had under-packed for our trip to Italy….then Portugal…then Tunisia! For all of the directionally challenged: that’s in NORTH AFRICA suga! Put that in your GPS and map it!!! Shocked? Don’t be. Where else but Houston can you take a trip around the world in a day? And can you guess what our purpose for hitting all those amazing destinations was? Here’s a clue: for all you “liquid consumption connoisseurs,” let’s talk flavor profiles. Robust, nutty or fruity? Here’s another hint: a signature Sweet Basil and Strawberry Blush concoction was created just for yours truly and christened, “The Consummate Concierge’s Sweetberry Blush.” 
If you said alcoholic cocktails you are half right. Cocktails yes, alcohol no. How about EVOO….as in Extra Virgin Olive Oils!
The new 'luxury travel destination' for foodies IS

We’re not talking Kroger’s brand or even that $20 bottle at Whole Foods. In fact, forget brand altogether and think “grade.” Open just 2 months, the ultra-premium oils that Wayde and Susan feature at Olive & Vine’s tasting bar are flown in from around the world, according to the hemispheric harvest schedule. They are preserved in stainless steel containers called “fustis” (pronounced foos-tees, not to be confused with The Fugees. Yep, I miss Lauryn too!).

Sound exclusive? How about less than 5% of all olive oils produced are true EVOOs and at this grade, if it is not stored in fustis and it matures to a year old or older, it is considered ‘vintage.’ Not as in ‘YSL couture vintage’ but more the '80 yr. old, Miami, Latin croc-skinned "cougar" vintage'! Freshness = flavor…that’s the EVOO, not the cougar. But much like those Miami cougars, these EVOOs are very seasonal and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t fret though, whether purchasing for yourself or giving the most unique gift, Wayde and Susan guarantee they always have an amazing selection of their finest oils that are constantly being flown in from new regions. They are bottled for you on the spot (hotness!) and.....wait for it........retail between $10 and $20.

And since we're talking one-of a kind products and gifts, in addition to their amazing oils, you can also pick up hand-blended herbs and spices, signature Texas oils and all-natural VOO body products that are Made in Italy

***HOOKUP SPOILER*** They even throw FREE tasting parties at least once a week to let you try them!!! But why attend someone else’s tasting party? ***HOOKUP SPOILER (#2)*** Be a big baller and book your own COMPLIMENTARY tasting party!
They sent me home with an incredible bottle of Tuscan Bouquet as a souvenir and have graciously named The Consummate Concierge’s Sweetberry Blush (Sweet Basil EVOO+Strawberry Blush Balsamic) as their signature, summer vinaigrette special, so make sure to ask for a sample when you stop by.
You wanna live luxury? You gotta know luxury! Oh, and I'm not trying to be messy but I suggest you go back, look your olive oil straight in the eye and ask it how ‘virgin’ it really is?  

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