Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Philippe's Secret Weapon is Guaranteed to Make You 'Eat Your Art Out'....LIT-ER-ALLY!!!

To be one of those select few, fortunate to get high enough on her "to do" list to be paid a visit, is no small feat in itself. But getting her to actually move-in and take up residence would definitely put you in the certified, Cris Angel, "floating above the Grand Canyon," next to impossible Hall of Fame!! Everybody wants it, he's got it! Correction, 'got her!' You guessed it, Philippe Restaurant and Lounge has snagged Houston's (along with NY & LA's socially elite) beloved philanthropist, taste-maker and all-around 'never miss a party with a cause,' media darling...Dr. Carolyn Farb! No doubt that French accent and those various and sundry, wafting aromas--both of which Chef Philippe are so well known for--played a part in scoring the ultimate coup of bringing Dr. Farb on board as a key player and an integral part of his opening design team.

What could be more French than the marriage between food as art and art to feed your soul?

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If upon entering Philippe's you are suddenly struck with the odd thought that, "this place looks pretty enough to eat!" it's courtesy of Dr. Farb's meticulously crafted, visual palette that plays the perfect compliment to Chef Philippe's slick, design aesthetic. Whimsical paintings and bold, avant-garde sculptures abound to awaken the senses in a thought-provoking, quieted juxtaposition of images. Ever the trend-setter though, leave it to Dr. Farb to add her signature touch to each and every project and do something never done before in Houston: translate a Master Chef's culinary works of art into, well....ACTUAL ART!!! That's right, for you foodie/art connoisseurs, starving for a taste of the artistic magic she is renowned for dispensing at her posh gallery, Colton & Farb Gallery, she has brought it table-side in a rich and sumptuous menu of original works, to create Houston's first and only Art Menu (click for link). Oh, and don't worry about 'cheapening' your luxury experience by bothering with the awkward task of inquiring about prices...they are tastefully available on the menu, as well as on the website.

On a personal note, like many of you, I am one of the biggest 'Farb-fanatics!' Make sure to stay tuned for what is sure to be a "Farb-fan favorite," as I post more of my exclusive interview with Houston's 'Texas Rose' the world can't seem to get enough of, in a rare and intimate conversation about one of the most precious causes dear to her heart!

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