Friday, August 5, 2011

Can You Get In Hudson Lounge? NOT THIS TIME…Unless You’re Rolling in TCC’s Entourage!

By now, the world knows of my personal DRUDGERY and the LOATHSOME chore of being relegated to living this event-after-event, celebrity lifestyle which I call my life. My ONLY solace is the genuine joy I get from being able to share my ridiculously glamorous life with my followers who want to be in the know, via my blog and my getting you ‘in’ exclusive events. And of course everybody knows the legendary, signature mantra I live by: ‘Life’s a Party! Can You Get In?’ Interestingly enough, usually I can answer that open-ended question (for just about everybody that follows my blog) with a resounding ‘YES!’ But every now and then, an event that is so exclusive comes along like this one: 

where although I’d like to, even I, in all my fabulosity can’t get all of my followers in! And so begins….(gulp)….the dreaded ‘weed-out’ process. Yep, there’s a “Hierarchy of Hotness’ that you need to know to get in and stay in…which by the way, I will be giving you the 411 on soon.

The ultra-chic, 1960’s Palm Springs-inspired Hudson Lounge is having a private, INVITE ONLY (I just love those 2 little words), open house next Wednesday to wine, dine and woo the Houston hospitality ‘Who’s Who,’ considered to be taste-makers, style mavens and power players.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to debut a new vblog series and….wait for it……to do a fun contest to test your, “Oh, I’m so in!” skills.

I will post the details later this afternoon but I will tell you that to roll with The Consummate Concierge, you will need your digital camera, your best “Diddy party in Miami’ ensemble and the ENTIRE weekend to prepare your best top model face or rather, ‘smize.’ I know, H-O-T-N-E-S-S!

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