Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ding, Ding, Ding--We Have Winners for Tonight's Hudson Lounge Open House Contest!

Thanks to everyone who registered through all of my social media outlets to submit your entries. Houston was a little slow on the hotness scale, but there were definitely some standout entries!

I am proud to announce Kevin Cousins and Shawn Lindsey as my two 'SUPER FRIENDS,' who will be joining The Consummate Concierge at ultra-lounge Hudson, this evening for a 'FABULOUS ONLY,' open house, exclusively for hospitality-industry trendsetters. My winners will be treated like VIPs, along with myself, media and other Houston tastemakers, as our gracious hosts roll out the red carpet to wine and dine us with free drinks and sumptous nibbles for our own little private soiree. We will then have the awesome task of deciding, 'hot or not,' and sent back into the world to determine if we will make Hudson the new on-the-radar hotspot for Houston's beautiful crowd. Talk about pressure....for them!

My winners will also be featured in my new segment, "Can You Get In?"

I get last minute, super hot invites to events all over the city, all the time so make sure to register on the blog so the next time I send out 'the bat signal,' you will be able to slide down your bat pole, into your best VIP disguise and roll with me as my trusty sidekick to answer the call of the 'fabulous.' Trust me, it would be a crime to miss it!!!
Life's a party.....Kevin and Shawn are getting in!!!!

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