Thursday, August 4, 2011

If You Heard Philippe's Was Hot, You Probably Have These (other) 2 Guys to Thank For It!

Houston...whether you love it (for our cultural diversity, 2nd largest theater district or vibrant culinary landscape) or hate it (Hell is officially about 20 degrees cooler than here in August), we're just glad you know us and are talking about us! All that love Houston gets from across the US is courtesy of our great Convention and Visitors Bureau and an army of hard-working media folks (like me) who hustle tirelessly to put (and keep!) the nation's 4th largest city on the map and on your radar....two such work-a-holics in particular, PR 'svengali for good' Stuart Rosenberg of Studio Communications,

and the only man in Houston who may just know more (I said maybe) about H-town's going ons than me: (the other) Mr. Know-It-All, Culture Map Editor, Clifford Pugh.

(Click 'READ MORE' below to get inside scoop from my exclusive interviews with Stuart and Clifford....)

Just so you know, Culture Map makes reporting on Houston's 'IT' eatery look like a piece of cake. But to get this AMAZING story for you, my faithful followers, I almost DIED! By the end of the opening, my man-lettos were k-i-l-l-i-n-g me(!!!!) but Clifford, who was a great sport, was completely game to having a little fun by letting me show off one of my lesser known talents--looking pretty WHILE sitting...uh...make that STRADDLING a fence--for what has to be one of the most creative interviews I have ever done! 'Thanks Clifford.'

And coincidentally, during my tenure as the Chef Concierge at Hotel Icon,

it was Stuart who secured yours truly's first foray into hospitality journalism. He pitched the fabulous idea for my "The Consummate Concierge: Expert Advice" article (click below) to 002 Magazine, which would give birth to, and later become the blog your're reading now.

That made this interview all the more personal for me because I believe in giving credit where credit is due so 'Thanks Stuart'...and uh, can you call Oprah for me and pitch the idea I told you about for my own reality show, "When Concierges Attack"?....(click).....Stuart? Hello?......

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