Saturday, August 6, 2011

NEW CYGMI? CONTEST: How To Get "IN" Hudson’s Glamorous (CLOSED) Doors...with the Help of TCC

Who else but TCC is hot enough to give you access to a FABULOUS ONLY soirée with complimentary cocktails, bistro bites AND chic Palm Springs surroundings….for F-R-E-E ?? You’re welcome. But unfortunately, “…only 3 of you will continue on in the running, towards the hopes of becoming America’s Next…” oops, I mean The Consummate Concierge’s SUPER FRIENDS. Sorry Tyra!

I will also be shooting the first video segment of my new series, “Can You Get In?” I know, it’s the same name as the blog. ‘I meant to do that!’ (circa de Urkel). But actually, it is COMPLETELY different because not only did I leave out the word ‘me,’ but I underlined and bolded the word ‘you.’ See? Totally different. This vblog series follows the super-hot, ‘FABULOUS ONLY ’ events I get invited to, for which I can only get a select few 'IN'. 

I swear I keep meaning to get around to my tutorial explaining how living the fabulous life works for you, ‘the average Joe or Jane,’ but I am always so busy, well…living it! But that is coming, I promise. For now, let me just give you the quick & dirty on how getting into this “FABULOUS ONLY” as a “SUPER FRIEND” with Mr. ‘IN’ himself is going to work. “What did he say?” Trust me, it will all make sense in a minute.

Now hop on over to the “HOOKUPS & UPGRADES” tab (at the top ^^^ of the page) for a tutorial on ‘CYGMI-speak,’ how the process for “IN” works (rolling with me as part of my official “CYGM-INcrowd”) and the rules for this contest.

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  1. Hey!

    Why shouldn't I be going? Who else would you rather spend an evening with? I'm almost as fabulous as Fab Freddy, THE Consummate Concierge!

    Come on, Is there anyone else that can keep up with you for a night on the town?