Friday, September 2, 2011

A Vote for TCC is a Vote for Good Taste!!!!

How do I do it? Between shoe shopping with Donatella in Milan and planting roses with "O", somehow I managed to shoot another super-hot segment for the blog! I know, amazing. Because I am such a global humanitarian (O said so), as my gift to you, I want to give you something to look forward to after returning back to your laborious daily grind (unless of course you're me), from what I'm sure was a much needed, fun-filled, 3 day va-ca. On Tuesday I will be posting the full video for my new segment, "Can YOU Get In?" so after you get your coffee and get settled in, check back here. However, since it is an unusually long holiday weekend (I'm not a sadist!), here is a little appetizer to give you some ideas on a spot you might want to add to your "to be" list this weekend.

Oh yeah, what about the vote part? Right. My "human-like" videographer Andy suggested we enter this fun little contest from across the pond, with, called "Welcome to My Favorite Place." Since I am an International Service-Star, I thought it would be fun to show the world one of my fav new places and give my fans and followers an opportunity to to show our friends across the pond your hospitality spirit. "We got cocktails, yes we do. We got cocktails, how bout you?"

So go here: or here and vote for the video. On facebook, scroll or tab down until you see the video description, leave a comment underneath and then click the green VOTE NOW button in the right corner.

(ahem....) My fellow Houstonians, Americans and party members: let's make change. I guarantee that a vote for me, IS a vote for fabulousness.....and who doesn't want to join that party!

This message has been approved by "The Party for Luxury Hospitality Hotness."

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