Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Riddle: What do Lady Gaga, Coney Island, the Yankees & TCC have in common?

Give up? Here’s another clue: All of the above are WORLD FAMOUS attractions that you can (now) find in…????

What appeared to be my seemingly abrupt and mysterious disappearance from all of my social media and an uncharacteristically extended lapse in activity on my blog was in fact a strategically, well-orchestrated plan by my PR team (thanks guys!), in preparation for The Consummate Concierge to emerge from his shroud of secrecy with the biggest news that I’m sure everyone has been speculating about and waiting for since Ellen’s iconicTime Magazine cover!!!

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YEP, I’M………………….. MOVING...…to NEW YORK!!!

What did you think I was gonna say? That’s right, I am relocating to NY and all of you, my loyal blog followers, are the first to know. Now I know this move may come as a big shock but of course this is not just any regular move! I am descending on the Big Apple in true Celebrity Concierge fashion January 1st as Executive Maestro of Fun and Deliciousness, a.k.a. the S.T.A.R. Experience Manager for New York’s premier luxury boutique hotel, The Sanctuary Hotel NYC. Uh-huh, you know how we do! Here, have a look see:  Sanctuary Hotel Pics

And of course you know that I could not move to NY in any less fashion than that of the celebrity that I am! The moment I touched down, I was already schmoozing with New York’s theater elite at a party for Alicia Keys new play Alicia Keys Presents 'Stick Fly'’ hosted at my hotel. Oh and I still have to keep tight-lipped about it, but you just may see yours truly in a recently shot, yet-to-be-aired, upcoming episode of one of the hottest reality shows on TV! (translation = I am in several scenes which I can only hope do not end up on the dreaded 'cutting room' floor) The storyline is so hush-hush that again, I can’t say anything about it but trust me, as soon as I can speak on it fully, all of my adoring fans and devoted stalkers will get the skinny. Ah, such is the life of a Celebrity Concierge working in the heart of Manhattan. More details to come but now I have to get back to the daunting task of making sure my movers are hand wrapping each of my precious manlettos (INDIVIDUALLY) in antique paper for their migration East.

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