Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clack,clack,clack...The Consummate Concierge officially becomes one of the Clackers!!

Happy New Year! Thank you to all my well-wishing followers who have totally supported my recent, huge career move. I have been a little lagging in getting back to everyone but don't think I have gone all 'Hollywood' yet...I just moved to New York! Lol. Honestly, to say that my speedy transition from Houston to New York has been a whirlwind, would be an understatement. Having to pack my entire Southern Plantation to fit into a NY loft is no short of a miracle. Making it happen in two weeks? Martha Stewart herself had to come and lend a hand, and by 'Martha Stewart,' I mean my sister who definitely missed her professional organizing/homemaking calling.

As most people (and my extremely pretty but less than genius followers) know by now, the one question I get asked the most as a Concierge is 'Can You Get Me In?' and with my recent move to NY, that hasn't changed. Guest: "Can you get me into that restaurant with no phone number that Oprah goes to?" Mr. Fabulously Me: "Of course I can! Can I have your credit card number for the $200 non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation?" Guest: (gulp)! But lately, the most recurring question I have been getting from friends, fans and guests alike is, "so what made you decide to move to the cold-weathered, fast-paced, concrete jungles of NY?" or "what is the most exciting thing about moving to NY?" That's easy....
For me, on the road to getting my own reality show as a celebrity Concierge, with all the opportunities available in NY, this was strictly a strategic career move that I had been planning since oh...approximately 2 days after I was born. But once I was actually here, after the pixi dust had settled and the moment to start getting dressed for my first day of work was upon me, I had an "Oprah ah-ha moment." I remembered that while watching the most profilic movie since "The Ten Commandments," that's right, I am talking about, "The Devil Wears Prada," I had an epiphany literally during the opening credits. During the scene with the collage of stylish models getting dressed to go into battle in the concrete jungles of Manhattan, I said clearly and definitely, "I am going to do that! I am going to move to New York and have a fabulous job where I have to get dressed to the nines as part of my daily ritual. I will join the ranks to climb the career ladder and fight the fame monster.....in the most fashionable of battle gear known to man!" So to answer the question why did I move here, I guess ultimately it was being able to live out that life-long, childhood dream. OMG, does that mean that the sound of my manlettos on the marble floor of my fabu hotel makes me...dare I say it.....one of the sacred "CLACKERS?" If I wasn't still so botoxed from my last Texas "dental appointment," I would shed a tear!!!! What I didn't expect though was the much less drab uniform NYs are required to don during the paralyzing winter months. More on that tomorrow.....


  1. You are HI-larious! Loves it!!! Can't wait to read more about your wonderful life while I'm still here in Texas...where it is 75 and sunny!



    1. Bless you my child. Although I have absolutely no clue who you could possibly be, my fashion ESP is telling me that you were a special child who was born to fulfill the promise of a "hot child on earth" and evidenced by you leaving the womb, already wearing a pair of stillettos. Your following means the world to me!!


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