Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Follow TCC Down the Yellow Brick Road...To 'Reality Oz'!

(channeling my best Jonie Mitchell or Janet Jackson) “I’m so hot, I bet you’ll think is post is about me! Won’t you? Won’t you?“ And you would be right!

My, my…what a difference a day (and moving to New York and working at a sex-a-licious hotel and using a fabulous publicist and having a face like a 12 yr old child) makes! I just want all of my loyal stalkers to know that everything I do, I do for you! And I because I write all of my own posts, I am literally writing this post between getting hair and makeup done for a photo shoot and attending shows and exclusive after parties for NY Fashion Week. But more on that later.
So you’re probably going through a wee bit of BFF (Beyond Fabulous Freddie) withdrawal and ripping your deluxe extensions out wondering, “if he’s living such a glamorous life in NY then why so long between posts?” The obvious answer would be “because I am living such a glamorous life!” but then that would make you the King/Queen of stating the obvious now wouldn’t it? Your royal crown Madame or Sir? Honestly, when I touched down and word got out that TCC himself, "the Lone Star Shining Brightly in the Big Apple", was relocating, the buzz started and the publicity sharks began circling the fresh meat that they could sink their teeth into and drag to the top of the food chain. Luckily I was wearing a Gaga original, chain link number with diamond encrusted diving goggles and was ready for the ride!
So here’s the skinny: I have been busily putting my new glam squad of stylists, publicists and magic fairies together, which has been a full-time job and you guys know how I feel about hard labor, being a true Master in the Art of Living (pause for an intellectual moment):
A Master in the Art of Living
draws no sharp distinction
between his work and his play,
his labor and his leisure,
his mind and his body,
his education and his recreation.
He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues his vision
of excellence through whatever
he is doing and leaves
others to determine
whether he is working or playing.
To himself, he always seems
to be doing both.

TRANSLATION: I DON’T WORK! Every celebrity Chef in town has been wooing me to their chandelier deco-ed dining rooms to make sure they are on my hot radar so they can grace the blog in high def deliciousness and meanwhile, I have been packing on the pounds. Not a problem except I have been trying to squeeze into all these ‘fashion insanity’ outfits for my 1st official NY Fashion Week debut and I have a photo shoot today for an unnamed, newspaper that is so large that I can’t even name them……but I CAN type it, The New York Times! Yep, that was some exclusive inside scoop that my loyal stalkers heard first right here. Well, beauty calls and this hair is not going to diffuse itself so here’s a quick rundown of some of the exciting developments you have to look forward to…at least the ones I can talk about now! (wink)
1.      A new, glossy website with me, me, more me and for all you ‘fabulous fiends’…a surprise: ME!
2.      The debut of my new Youtube series, “The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Concierge” - a behind the scenes look at my journey to reality superstardom.
3.      A new blog named, “Le’ Tique" (the boutique), which focuses on luxury service in the luxury boutique hotel industry. I can only write it when I put on my Chanel reading glasses and pull out all of my “O” magazines.
4.      For you brainiacs, an exclusive "How To" scale, "The Heirachy of Hotness" to measure your hotness quotient and determine if you really can "get in"!
5.      Fresh new content on the blog, including guest bloggers and a new vblog segment, “Off The Menu!”
6.      New, exclusive 'CYGMI?' hookups to openings. 
7.      And of course, all the daily going-ons in the life of a celebrity Concierge sleeping clawing his way to the top!
For up-to-the-minute updates and tons of pics, follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages (look over there ==>)
Your BFF
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