Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Consummate Concierge is Officially Bi...Costal

Buzz, buzz, buzz--busy is the celebrity Concierge that moves to NY and quickly has to update his facebook status to "in high demand" to accomodate all his social calendar requests! No sooner than I had a chance to catch my breath from the whirlwind of NY Fashion Week shows and events (shout out to new BFFs Richie Rich and celebrity lashtress, Alicia Hunter (the original Barbie!), do I find myself headed to LA's Fashion Week for media and press interviews and more celebrity events. But you know that yours truly is never one to just stand on the red carpet, looking pretty and posing fiercely for pics (um, like I was doing here at the "Gossip Meets Couture" Magazine Lauch at the Sky Room NYC last week):   

See more pics here: Gossip Meets Couture Launch Party (kisses to photographer Judy Rouse)

No sir! I am always going to be in the thick of it all, working and making sure that all of my faithful blog followers know every juicy morsel that is going on at the hottest hospitality (and occasional red carpet) events and openings. So, I am pulling double duty this week to do a celebrity appearance at super publicist Jordana Hazan's "Untapped Los Angeles 2012" and to shoot 2 blog segments, "Can You Get Me In: SUR" and (keep your fingers crossed) a special celebrity guest interview for the debut of my newest vblog segment, "Off The Menu," with one of my biggest celebrity crushes EVER, at......well, maybe I should just wait and let that all be a big ole surprise. Ok, since you asked nicely, I will give you a hint: what is Chanel, "sugar and bite" and glamourous all over?

In the words of Rupal's Drag Race Season 3 finalist, the immortal Alexis Mateo:

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  1. Freddie:

    Congratulations! We miss you here, but are comforted by the fact that we can always name-drop you. We wouldn't be your true friends if we didn't try to gravy-train on your success. James