Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York Times Exposes TCC As All Substance, No Fluff!

Today is the big day!! Really big!! No, I mean even bigger than that!!! Yeah, like ‘Oprah announced her candidacy for President’ big!!! After just 3 shorts months in the Big Apple, somehow I have managed to snag one of the biggest opportunities that will surely fast-track me to the top of the Concierge food-chain, literally overnight. Between all of the NY and LA Fashion Week shows and parties and all of the glamorous Concierge events, it appears that someone wanted to pull back the curtain (think 'Wizard of Oz') to find out if the enigma that is the quintessential, or rather consummate Celebrity Concierge, was all just smoke and mirrors and whether there was any depth behind this pretty little face. Well, much to my shame to have to admit it, the answer to that question would be YES, I am really a genius! (Oh, and that “someone” inquiring would be the NY Times.)
I know I have built a reputation around the illusion that TCC is all about getting into the most exclusive events, being fabulous and hot and of course, sharing the “heat”, as it were, with all of my loyal devotees. But actually, when no one is looking, occasionally I have been known to slip on my perscription, Swarovski bedazzled Chanel eyeglasses and contribute some scholarly knowledge on the subject of guest-centric service within the realm of the luxury boutique hotel industry. I just realized that I am like the Beyonce and Jay-Z of hospitality…all rolled into one!! Smart and beautiful…I am almost ashamed to admit it!!!
So here I am, outed by the New York Times as a total brainiac in this
N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L article and my cover of absolute shallowness is now completely blown. Does it help that they used this super hot pic of me from our photo shoot??

ABSOLUTELY!!! You can see more of my personal, exclusive, behind-the-scenes pics from my photo shoot on my FB fan page too.
I guess I have no choice now but to share my impossibly brilliant mind with the world! The article ran in today’s paper in…BRACE YOURSELF….the BUSINESS section no less. Will you ever be able to think less of me again???

Mr. Smarty Pants a.k.a.

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