Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TCC Is Returning To His (real) Roots!

Hello my little chick-a-dees and cock-a-doodle dudes. It’s been a rainy couple of days in NY so I guess April showers bring…MORE showers in May! But never fear, May is also bringing some new installments on the 'CYGMI?' blog and….a big new surprise!!!

Whew, talk about busy! I just returned from a whirlwind publicity tour for my recent article in the NYT which, by the way, transformed me into an overnight international superstar!! Hey, don’t judge! Until you’ve been flanked by droves of people on the streets of NY, who instantly recognize you and immediately stop you and say, “hey, aren’t you that guy that had that article in the Times about…what was it about again?,” you will never know what true New York celebrity feels like! New Yorkers apathetically acknowledging “hey, it’s that guy!,” by New York standards,  is not far from the superstar status of being “The Donald.”

Anywho, if you haven’t been following my usual rants on FB or Twitter, they have been unusually strewn with celebrity sightings, touchings, kiss-blowings, so on and so forth.

(ck out my recent twitter post to see which celebrity I was sitting 2 rows over from at the new, star-studded Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' Streetcar Named Desire)
 And yes, I have gone darker (hair color, not demeanor) for a brief stint.

Speaking of returning to my roots, one of my super-loyal blog followers recently mentioned to me, in as diplomatic a way as possible (as so not to anger the mythical creature known as “he who has no name when enwrathed by being accused of narcissism…at least to his face”), that perhaps my own personal star was beginning to outshine, or rather overshadow, the tutorialist  nature of what I originally intended ‘CYGMI?’ to be. He said even after loyally reading my blog, he still wasn’t completely sure if he had the necessary skills to get into somewhere “super-hot” (a.k.a. where he didn’t really belong) on his own yet. I WAS AGASP!!!! Me allowing my ever-growing celebrity to hog the spotlight from all of you, my co-stars? How could the bright lights of Broadway or the dark lens of my new, oversized Chanel sunglasses have blinded me so??? Could I really have been so insensitive and self-absorbed??? Ahhh, it was a hard pill to swallow, even with a champagne flute of Veuve!  But after some deeeeep introspection, some honest soul bearing and sitting Indian-style in the middle of the floor while chanting along with Angela Bassett as I  watched “What’s Love Got to do with It?,” I began to see clearly that I may have been starting to lose sight of my life’s work! The delicious nectar of my newfound fame may have deceptively caused me to abandon the reason why I started this blog in the first place: to grow all of you little grasshoppers up to Jedi Knight status, in the art of “getting in.”

TCC hears you
           ...and CARES!!!!     
I, like Ghandi, have dedicated my life to the enormous task of putting the well-being of the lowly and down-trodden before my own, to share my teachings on how to waltz into the hottest new club or restaurant on just a wink and a smile!!! TCC may be many things and I’m sure most would agree that a perceptive listener has to be right up there at the top! So to all of you, my little grasshoppers who have felt neglected, and to the world really, I give you this gift:

I AM CREATING A NEW BLOG…….ABOUT……. ME!!!!!!!!! That’s right, I’m giving the world the gift of more ME! I’m your Oprahclaus because YOU get more me….and YOU get more me…… and Y-O-U get more me!!!!!!!!!! Are we all crying yet? Next week I will be debuting the launch of my new blog, The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Concierge! It will be devoted solely to keeping you thoroughly immersed in the spectacle that is my personal journey down the “yellow brick road to reality.” And since reality stardom is the ultimate goal, (***SPOILER ALERT***) the last episode will obviously be a shot of the big wooden doors closing behind me, as I enter XXXXX’s (my dream network here) executive offices to meet with the big execs to negotiate the deal for my own show. But until then, together we will share in the joys, triumphs and mishaps on the way there. It is going to be C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E-L-Y unscripted, largely unedited and will feature my own, behind-the-scenes, personal videos of important meetings, events and every juicy detail I’d want to see if I was watching a show for some good, inside scoop. So just to recap for all my pretty, “just look at the pictures” non-readers:


The new blog I'm unveiling next week will feature ALL things TCC (as a celebrity) related, and effectively immediately, 'CYGMI?' is returning back to its original purpose of ensuring the betterment of your social status!!

So I hope you had a nice break because……CLASS IS NOW OFFICIALLY BACK IN SESSION MY DEARS!!!!!

Every Wednesday, starting next week, you must check in here to get your tip of the week (catchy name t.b.a) for the weekend, which you newbies will use for practice as you’re developing your ‘going out/getting in’ skills, and will give you pros a little extra edge over the stiff competition out there in the social jungle. But first, Monday’s lesson is going to teach you how to measure exactly how much social street cred you really have, to be able to determine where you fall within “The Consummate Concierge’s Heirachy of Hotness.” Until class reconvenes on Monday, enjoy your last weekend of blissful ignorance!

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