Monday, May 7, 2012

Updated class schedule...due to Texan National Holiday, Cinco de Mayo

Good afternoon my studious ones. Considering that this past weekend was Cinco de Mayo, a National Holiday in the country of Texas, Professor TCC is estatic that you showed up to class...and on a Monday no less!! Your self-serving desire to learn everything you can in order to pretend to be someone you're really not is....downright inspiring! I am shedding an emotional tear since I am freshly returned from "allergy shots" that don't allow my eyes to water...or blink.

Unfortunately, my die-hard patriotism to my country of TX, in keeping the spirit of C.D.M. alive with, well spirits, means that Professor TCC will need another day to recover and is giving you the day off. Yea, a snow day in May!!! Sadly, you will have more "homework" to make-up for it, which may include hitting 2 hotspots, rather than one this weekend in practicing tomorrow's lesson. I know, life just isn't fair! Now, I'm going back to enjoying my sweet open-eyed sleep...I mean, I need to finish amputting tomorrow's lesson together. See you tomorrow promptly at 10:30am!!!

Life's a Party! Can You Get In? (you will be able to soon...)


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