Wednesday, June 6, 2012



I am sooooooo excited because today, I am making the official announcement that it’s splitsville for The Consummate Concierge! 

This is my swan song and I’m saying farewell to….Freddie Floyd, the (Head, Chief, S.T.A.R.) Concierge at the (insert hot hotel name here)!!! That’s right, I’m a retiree yall!!! Well, sort of. I am so proud to share with all of you, my devoted and supportive followers, that after much contemplation on an illustrious career as the Head Concierge in some of the hottest, lifestyle and luxury boutique hotels, I am stepping out on faith, and a (very long) prayer, and today The Consummate Concierge brand is OFFICIALLY taking flight....Hans S-O-L-O!

I would be less than transparent if I told you it was an easy decision, but honestly, I was starting to feel like the universe wasn't giving me much of a choice with so many current projects going on, as well as new projects in the works. That truth of the matter is, that while I have daydreams at the thought of managing my own brand (which might have looked something like this)...

I really did genuinely and IMMENSELY love working as a Concierge in hotels. However, the knowledge and expertise that I have gained over the years that I now want to share with America's average Joe and Jane, and all you, the people who deserve to know how to live like a celebrity, and the vision for my brand by which I want to do it, just can't be achieved from behind a traditional Concierge desk. So I guess my Concierge desk is now wherever my laptop just happens to be sitting. I am a Concierge to the world and I could no longer ignore the pulling of my heart (and schedule) in the direction of pursuing my dream of building my hospitality empire as ‘the guru of “IN",' on a full-time basis.

Never fear my pretties; all this is good news to you!!! I will now be able to fully immerse all this hotness into working in the industry I love – hospitality – with ***SPOILER ALERT****:
  • this blog (stay tuned for my new vblog series debuting in July or August, which will kick-off with several c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-y chefs)
  • a new podcast show that will feature tips and interviews from industry insiders on how to ‘get in’ and stay in
  • my new blog that follows my journey down the “yellow brick road to reality” entitled, “The Consummate Concierge: The Making of a Celebrity Brand” 
  • the launch of a new project that will revolutionize how diners eat called, “Concierge’s Rule!”, which is still in the top secret, planning phase.

For those of you hospitality-industry professionals that follow me as well, you can partake in my love of a perfect "guest-experience" encounter and the search for it in the lifestyle and luxury boutique hotel segment, by following my new professional blog, “Le’tique” (‘the boutique’ in French).

Translation=more fabuliciousness, more ‘insider-accessiness’ and….more me!!!!

On a personal note, many of you have started with me from the very beginning and today is the empowering result of all your supportive and encouraging words! For that I extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and I sincerely hope my taking the big leap inspires so of you to likewise, fully pursue your dreams and goals! Just as you have believed in me, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!!

Since I feel like I have been born again, we might as well start fresh with a proper introduction: Hi (your name here), its nice to meet you. I AM The Consummate Concierge! Life’s a Party! Can You Get In?

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  1. HOW EXCITING! Congratulations!

    I discovered you for the first time on LearnVest today, and I am so excited to have found your blog. I absolutely love traveling and am - unfortunately - chronically budgeted. :D Your blog is a breath of fresh air, and I have every confidence that you are going to succeed.