Thursday, June 21, 2012

TCC Teaches You How to Master the Hotel Upgrade

As the Master of "In," you can always count on TCC to give you "in"sider scoop on living "in" the know. Check out my latest feature on about mastering the ultimate hotel room upgrade in luxury hotels.

For all my class students, Professor TCC will see you in 1 hour at 2p!!!!! Don't be's lesson is a "not to be missed!"


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  1. I want you to know that I found you based on that article, and am very excited to try your tips. I just wrote the General Manager at a nice hotel in Cincinnati (well, as "swank" as Cincy gets, I suppose) and told him all about my upcoming trip, bringing my beau with me, and the hopes that this trip will make him fall in love with my hometown, so we can move back there together. I've just received a response saying they will make certain my boy has a great time in Cincinnati.

    Oh, my. Now, I'm even MORE excited! Thank you!! I will pop back after Labor Day and let you know if it was an exceptional experience, or a bust!