Thursday, June 21, 2012

You're "Nobody" Till "Somebody" Loves You!!

Quiet down now. Good afternoon students! How I have missed you all dearly!!!

As you saw in my previous blog post "TCC Calls It Quits," after an illustrious career as a hotel lobby Concierge, I recently traded in my golden "Concierge" name plate

for a tenured Professorship teaching all of you the "art of getting in" (in all its many facets) on a full-time basis.

The truth is that I just couldn't bear the thought of all the millions of people who follow this blog and hang on my every word, just STARVING for that next morsel of advice to help them move up the social food chain!

WAKE's literally eat or be eaten out there people!!!

I realized that my extraordinary contribution to humankind, and your regular access to this incredible gift, which other people have likened to Oprah's, Ghandi's, Mother Teresa's and all the chosen ones that had gone before me, was no less than a matter of life or death to you!!!

So I walked away from it all and happily resolved that TCC was going to make sure you now get the necessary sustenance you need on a weekly basis to stay "in" the game!!! Now get out your pens and paper, click on the video below and let’s begin today’s lecture.

As always, I love and welcome questions and comments.

See you next class....

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